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Business grows where people thrive. We develop customized Communication & Performance Apps that encourage all employees to perform like a champion.

How do you motivate your employees
to perform on a top level?

Reach every employee

Communication at the fingertips helps all employees stay informed. Reach everyone at the same time on the same platform. 

Connect your company

Bridge the gap between HQ and all members of staff to create a sense of togetherness throughout your organization.

Professional growth

Provide structured training programs at an individual level to increase knowledge, motivation and performance.

Analytic insight

Make data driven decisions for your company based on measurements of internal communication and training sessions.

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Peak Performance employees are the exception

“The Exception for us is a culture project but it’s also a sales tool for our retail salesmen to be able to deliver excellent service. The app has been a really good tool for us to spread this out,” says Joel Eriksson, HR Business Partner at Peak Performance. We...

3 trends that will shape the future workforce

By now, we can probably all agree that the future workforce will be dominated by technology - in one way or another. Nevertheless, technology alone will most likely not be the sole definer of how we will work. A younger millennial generation will represent 50% of the...

Why a people-centric approach to technology is key

Over the past years, organizations have been increasing their investment in technology to boost business and increase people performance as a way to enhance future growth of the business. One could say that employees may be the most vital component to successful...

Magasin du Nord; Empowered employees

As promised we hereby present you with part-two in the video series with Magasin du Nord. Last week we posted a video with the HR Director at Magasin du Nord, where he shared his thoughts on their Relesys app soution. One thing is his opinion but what are the...

How to adopt an agile mindset

Agile innovation is not necessarily a method. It is not something you do, it is something you are and because of this companies may consider if they are viewing agile innovation in the right way. Agile innovation methods have reached such a buzzword status over the...