Growing People / Growing Business

Customized to fit your brand

In Relesys we take the time to get to know you and your business.
We customize the app to match your needs, the existing flow of information and the visual identity of your brand. By using features based on intelligent software and elements of gamification, the app motivates all employees towards better performance and a proactive mindset.


What could your app look like?


More than just an app


Personal Profile

All employees will get their own personal profile. That way you can easily reach everyone and communicate “need-to-know” information.

Our software enables you to segment the internal communication all the way from region to individual employee. 


Important Information & News

The app allows you to share important information from HQ directly with all members of staff at the same time.

With the slide to confirm button you get an instant overview of who has read the message.



Wish your new colleagues welcome in a fun and creative way. Reduce on-boarding rates by using the app to engage, train and inspire the new generation of employees.


Social Wall

The Social Wall creates a platform for everyone to share ideas, accomplishments and best practices. The interactive flow of communication goes both ways and strengthens the togetherness in your business.


Training and Quiz

Keep all employees on top of their game and educate the mind of a champion. Support everyone in their professional growth with fun and encouraging training tools.


Anytime you challenge your employees and they achieve the goal their brain releases a magical dose of dopamine. We implement gamification throughout the app to continuously engage employees in learning initiatives.


Key Performance Indicators

Encourage every employee to check their KPI’s to see how their team and store is performing at any moment. You might be surprised of how motivating it is for people to stay on track with their performance.




How do you measure whether employees’ are meeting the set goals? We analyze, organize and present the user data of your app, which build the foundation for you to make data driven decisions for your business.



From prototype to rollout is an 8-week process.
We take the time to get to know you, and we always test the product in order to find the best solution possible. We provide our time and effort to make sure your needs are met.