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Digital designer


Design is at the very heart of Relesys. We are the creative heroes who use powerful digital tools to make sure that every pixel is perfect and brings value to our clients. Fluffy, huh?

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What my friends think I do


What our clients think I do

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What I think I do


What we actually do… 😅

You will meet with a wide range of tasks and lots of responsibility. We are looking for a candidate who has an excellent understanding of design in combination with good coding and communication skills. This ensures that you can handle many of the following tasks:



You will be producing app prototypes for the potential new clients and constantly improving and adjusting them afterwards. This task will test your knowledge of corporate branding and UI skills.


We have our own backend system which will be your best friend at developing Relesys apps. Apart from that you will be writing CSS and HTML code to provide even more customisation options for each and every client.


You will join the sales meetings and be in direct touch with clients. As an expert in your field, you will advice them how to properly use their app and how design can boost user engagement and make a difference for their business.


It’s already fabulous but between you and me… 🤫 [whispering voice] Don’t tell anyone but you can still help us to improve it and make us shine!


We are constantly developing new modules and introducing new features. You will have to provide our developers with a suitable user interface and flawless user experience.


Yes, we designers often tend to think so… 😅 but man, you will do an amazing job!


Are we a match?

Finding a real match can sometimes seem like a mission impossible but we believe that YOU are the talent we were looking for. You will be a perfect candidate if you can say yes to the following:

✅ I have a strong work ethic, an independent work-flow and I can take lead when needed.

✅ I am enrolled in Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, Communication or other relevant study program.

✅ I have the ability to work with an established design system and follow design guidelines.

✅ I have impeccable English skills.

✅ I not only recognise these programs but feel confident using them:


We want you! 

We hope that we caught your interest and are looking forward to hearing from you. We value creativity and thinking outside of the box. Show us examples of your work and demonstrate your design skills in the best possible way!

If you have questions, please contact our Design & Quality Manager, Lukas:

Whatcha waiting for? Don’t hesitate and press the apply button!

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