Client Relationship

Relesys has the best clients in the world!

We have been working closely with our clients from the very beginning and this is what set the foundation of where we are today both with the product and us, the people behind.

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WhY an app?

Generation Y is on its way to become the majority when it comes to workforce. With this generation new challenges and tendencies follow. Therefore, it is worth considering if you are able to adapt to this change on a digital level. Are you ready to meat the next generation where they are, on their phone?

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Illum testimonials; unifying 1300 employees to one team

Relevant news combined with the right aesthetics and a competitive element have made the Illum App very popular among employees at Illum.

“What connects people here is the competition. We are very excited about the competition in here, and if you enter the app every day you get a point, and if you’re in the top 10 you can gain something - a gift. Actually we’re talking a lot about that!” says Susan, Manager at the Customer Lounge.

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Why a people-centric approach to technology is key

However, it is not necessarily the technology itself that creates innovation and effective work-processes. It is how employees use the technology that is important! By letting the employees drive the changes, businesses will most likely achieve better results.

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How to measure employee performance without killing motivation

This is a clear sign, that when measurement is used in an engaging way, it is motivating. Employees actually want to be measured in a way that can help them rule and conquer issues. It can be difficult for employees to excel if they do not know in which area. And the only way for them to know, is to enhance communication between managers and employees.

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Magasin du Nord; growth journey

“It wouldn’t be possible in the content that we’re working now to work without an app, because it’s how we communicate it’s how we share information, it’s the way we’re working…” says Thor Palmhøj, HR Director of Magasin du Nord.

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Are you a talent?

We at Relesys are looking for talents to join our team! Relesys is a software company, situated in Nordhavn with offices in Stockholm, Berlin and Amsterdam. We develop customized apps, and the users love it, which is probably why we are so busy at the moment.

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