Why continuous learning is crucial in today’s workforce


In today’s workforce, the only constant is change. New technological enhancements and innovations are constantly transforming business and workflows. And that makes it hard just to keep up with the status quo! Changes are initially implemented with the aim to make businesses more efficient. In order to harvest the benefits of technology, the company and employees should continuously learn and evolve in order to stay competitive.  

How to continuously learn

According to a study by McKinsey, 45% of the activities performed by employees using today’s technologies, could be automated. This statistic shows that the workforce is undergoing a massive shift. In the future automation will affect many jobs across various industries including white-collar employees in more academic positions. Furthermore, the emergence of the gig economy is reshaping the traditional employer-employee relationship as more part-time and freelance employees are filling roles once occupied by full-time employees. Based on the pace of the development life-cycle of new digital technologies, the learning cycle will only move faster.  

Therefore, learning a set of skills to be prepared for a job or a task is not what it necessarily is all about. It is about learning to continuously learn over a course of a career or employment in order to be productive and achieve business goals that drive companies forward. In order for companies to win and stay competitive in today’s market, managers would benefit from helping employees stay relevant in their skills and prepare them to adapt quickly to changes surrounding the company.  

So, how can lifelong learning in a digital world be approached and embraced?

Look for employees who are lifelong learners.

Employees who have demonstrated the ability to learn can easily learn new skills which is necessary to continuously be successful and stay relevant in the digital and competitive marketplace that many companies compete in today. 

Do not worry about what your employees are learning.

The important thing is that they are learning. Just like anything else, learning is a skill that requires practice. By learning something new, employees practice this skill of learning, which is invaluable. Additionally, you never know when and how a related skill will come in handy at a later time, meaning; it’s a good investment!

Reward employees.

Encourage employees to become more agile by rewarding employees who show best practice and quickly adapt to new changes and learning progressions. Provide clarity of business goals and freedom for employees to figure out the best way to achieve success.  

One could say that lifelong learning is no longer nice to have but need to have. The willingness of both employees and managers to embrace the shift towards lifelong learning will impact the ability to address the complex issues facing the workforce both now and in the future.

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