Magasin du Nord; growth journey

This year Magasin du Nord has reached a milestone; celebrating the 150th Year Anniversary since they opened their first department store and they have achieved great success!

Therefore, we welcomed Thor Palmhøj, HR Director of Magasin du Nord, to our Relesys Lab for a talk.
During our conversation, he shared his thoughts on how Relesys is contributing to Magasin du Nord’s digital transformation journey. He explained how their app has not only impacted the way Magasin du Nord communicates with employees; it has also contributed to Magasin du Nord’s success by creating a community where employees can share information among each other. Watch a full video version to learn more about Thor’s thoughts!

This video is the first of two videos about Magasin, so make sure you tune in next week to get an insight into employees’ perspective on the Relesys app and their personal experiences with the app.