Why a people-centric approach to technology is key


Over the past years, organizations have been increasing their investment in technology to boost business and increase people performance as a way to enhance future growth of the business. One could say that employees may be the most vital component to successful businesses practices when it comes to adopting new technology. If there are no employees using the implemented technology, there might not be any proof of concept. Even though digital tools might be technology enabled, people skills are required to master the technology. Hence, hiring the right candidates and empowering current employees to take on the challenges of digitalization should be considered an essential focus area. We provide you with three areas to address when taking a people-centric approach to technology and digital transformation in order to take advantage of employees’ skills to compete in today’s ambitious digital marketplace.

Bridge the talent shortage gap

Trying to find the right talent can be costly and time demanding. This means consideration of how to use a people-centric approach instead of a data-centric approach when you develop a skill set strategy for your future employees is essential. Your company’s future success will depend on a workforce that has the required digital knowledge and tools to nurture creativity and address complex problem solving. This is needed since future jobs will change and as a consequence the workforce needs continuous training to master the technological advancements.

Adjust to future work practices

Managing a combination of rapidly changing work task as well as different kind of employees, such as full time, part time or freelances, requires a great amount of agility and flexibility within the organization. New technology can address these constantly changing employee needs and tasks and introduce best practices to your organization – allowing you to transform internal structures, communication and culture that give employees more room to grow and succeed. However, it is not necessarily the technology itself that creates innovation and effective work-processes. It is how employees use the technology that is important! By letting the employees drive the changes, businesses will most likely achieve better results.

Accommodate employees’ expectations of workplace experiences

Employees’ expectations to the digital tools they are engaging with on a daily basis have changed a lot thanks to the app-world of today. In order for employees to stay engaged in the company and their job, it requires that management also stay on top of their digital innovation to make sure their digital tools are helping the organization and employees excel and not working against them.

At Relesys we are convinced that investing in people is one of the most important investments businesses can make. As the development of mobile application for the private marked is a lot more advanced than for the business world, it is about time, we take advantage of the great possibilities. People are the core of almost every business and for that business to grow it is key to focus on growing employees so they can excel and be creative. We believe this process can be greatly supported through technological advancement.