5 ways to lead in an era of constant change


“We need to boldly transform our approach to transformation. To do that, we need to start putting people first,” says Jim Hemerling, Organizational Change Expert.

Hemerling has hightligted five focus areas to help organizations stay on top in this constant era of change. In Relesys we think his TedTalk is an idea worth spreading, and we want to share it with you in our ‘Friday’s Food For Thought’.

First – putting people first

Hemerling’s first step is all about the people. He argues that putting people first is the single most important factor for your organization to grow. He encourages all leaders to inspire through purpose, and we couldn’t agree more with this approach.

Second – go all in

The second step is about going all the way. You might be able to complete a marathon if you start running on a regular basis, but you have to go all in if you actually want to win the race. The same rules apply in the business industry – you have to decide wether you want to participate in the race or if you want to be the frontrunner. On that note, Hermerling encourages every business to stop being afraid of actions that will fundamentally change the way your business operates. Because those are the actions you need to take in order to be at the front.

Third – enable people to succeed

People is the heart of your organization and the center of success – in Relesys we completely agree. Different tasks requires different capabilities, tools and skills. In his TedTalk, Hemerling highlights that giving every employee access to the right tools and knowledge is key for each of them to succeed.

Fourth – install a culture of continuous learning

In the fourth focus point of his TedTalk Hemerling argues, that it is essential for businesses to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. In Relesys we strongly believe that learning is growing. For that exact reason we design our software to help our clients achieve a culture of continuous learning, e.g. by giving every employee easy access to individual training material through their apps.

Fifth – inclusive and directive leadership

Inclusive leadership is crucial for putting people first. “A leader needs to have a vision and a clear roadmap with milestones. A leader needs to hold people accounted for results,” says Hemerling in his fifth and final point of the TedTalk. But in order to engage and motivate your employees, you must be inclusive. Open up the dialogue by asking your employees “what do you see, that I don’t?”.

Relesys is always seeking for inspiration and we love to share our findings with all of you. Hemerling’s five focus areas are absolutely aligned with our mindset and we have attached the full TedTalk below, in case you were curious to learn more. Hope you all have a great weekend ahead!