Bouwmaat – building stronger teams


Bouwmaat was founded in Holland in 1986 with a mission to provide quality tools and materials for the repair, renovation and maintenance market. During the last 32 years the company has grown into a successful wholesaler with almost 1.000 employees throughout 46 branches. One of the keys to their success is the way they combine products with professional knowledge and excellent service. Bouwmaat is very aware that their employees are essential in that equation and they continuously invest in growing the knowledge and skills of every team member.

While the company has grown so has the need for streamlined information and sharing of knowledge. Relesys and Bouwmaat are in close collaboration in order to map out the exact internal needs for training and communication. We at Relesys are excited to share the story of what they have already achieved with the customized Bouwmaat app solution in Bouwmaat XL Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

Reaching everyone on the same platform

We met with Location Manager, Ramon van Leer, to get a first-hands perspective of how they work with the app in their team.

“Before the app we had different platforms for almost every kind of information. There were so many messages to keep track of during the day that it was impossible to know everything. Now I can tell everyone in my team that they are up to date when they read the news on the Bouwmaat App. That means everybody gets the same information at the same time on the same platform, which is honestly just fantastic.” says Ramon.

The store in Amsterdam Sloterdijk has 30 team members and the user data speaks for itself. 28 people have been login into the app multiple times a day during the last few months – which means that 94% of the entire store is reading the Bouwmaat news, taking quizzes and completing training materials several times on a daily basis.

“For me it is very nice to know that everyone is engaged in our businesses and wants to check the app to get the latest information – even in their spare time.”

“I make sure to combine the content in the app with news directly from the HQ and social posts about our own team. We post it in the app when we have a new team member, if someone gets a diploma or has a great experience with our customers. Everything there is to share, we now share and I am so proud to see everyone encourage each other,” says Ramon.

In Relesys we are very proud of the way Amsterdam Sloterdijk is working with their app. They are really raising the bar for team spirit and are showing best practice when it comes to streamlining communication and growing from each others’ knowledge.

Connecting teams to reinforce the business

Being a large wholesaler requires a strong and streamlined system of procedures in order to keep the performance of the whole business at a continuous high level.

“In our team we already have a stronger feeling of being part of Bouwmaat because we are always up to date and engaged with the news. It is going to be awesome for us when everyone is connected through the app. Just thinking about the time we will save from having just one platform that can actually reach everyone makes me excited. The app is not only going to connect people, it will create a strong connection between the company and every individual employee,” says Ramon.

In Relesys we are very excited for the foundation Bouwmaat has built with their app in Amsterdam Sloterdijk and we can’t wait to follow the process as they work towards connecting the entire company.

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