Do you feel like a champion at work?


Do you feel like a champion at work? Chances are, you perform better if you do. Studies show, that confidence is directly linked to how well you do your job. Confident employees are more open to learn and more willing to take risks in order to accomplish their goals. Additionally, confident employees feel good about what they do and tend to push themselves to accomplish even more.

Just like there are upsides to having confidence at work there are downsides to not having it. Employees who are less confident are more uncertain about their skills and knowledge, often for no reason at all. They tend to be hesitant about making decisions and feel less optimistic about reaching key goals.

The matter of confidence is not only influencing the individual on a daily basis, it is affecting the entire performance of the company. Imagine what an organization full of confident employees could do to the overall performance of the business. In Relesys we don’t just imagine, we design our app solutions for companies to achieve exactly that; employees who are empowered on an individual level and feel optimistic about developing their skillset even further.

Installing a culture of corporate confidence

Employees’ confidence doesn’t only come from within, it is highly affected by their work environment. Luckily there are many things you can do to boost the confidence throughout the company.

Connect, involve & give clear directions

Being heard makes you feel valuable as an employee, and continuously being involved makes you feel confident. It is key to connect with every member of staff and engage them in two-way communication in order to boost their professional self-esteem in the company. Knowing exactly what is expected of you will make it easier to feel satisfied with your work, ones you have delivered the task.

Make room for mistakes

Fear of making mistakes is keeping a lot people from trying new solutions at work. Making room for mistakes will give your employees the confidence to go all in. Sometimes they will fail, but mistakes are a great learning point that will bring your company one step closer to the best solution. Think about it as having the confidence to ‘fail-forward’ in order to succeed in the future.

Celebrate, support & ’shout-outs’

Don’t hesitate to give a ‘shout-out’ to teams or individuals who are performing well. It’s is important to celebrate both the big accomplishments and the small steps. That will establish a positive vibe of encouragement and acknowledgement of people’s skills.

The takeaway from this week’s Friday’s Food for Thought is simple; confidence gives happiness at an individual level and generates profit at a corporate level. Installing an entire culture of corporate confidence is a long-term process, but it is definitely worth both your time and efforts.

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