Expansion alert: Relesys x Stockholm


We are thrilled to present the latest expansion of Relesys, this time to one of the fastest growing cities in Europe – Stockholm. Expanding to Stockholm has been a very natural step for Relesys as we are increasingly gaining more clients in the Swedish market. By opening an office in Stockholm, we are able to strengthen our relationships with existing clients and target our efforts towards more collaborations east of Copenhagen.

It’s not the first time Relesys expands to new geographical locations. We currently have two dedicated teams who are working from offices in both Amsterdam and Berlin. The key for us is definitely finding the right people, and this time around is no exception. We found the perfect match in our new Performance Consultant in Stockholm, Jonny Lindroos.

Jonny has a wide range of experience from his background in the retail industry. He is a people-person, who continuously aim his focus at the employees in his work with performance optimizations. His field of expertise lies within ways to monitor and improve businesses’ customer experience and we are very confident that his insight will make a huge difference for the companies we work with.

A strategic alliance

“During the last 5 years I have worked with major companies both in Norway and Sweden. The challenge they all face is how to provide the right tools, training and information for every employee in the organization in order to achieve the overall goals of the company. After meeting Relesys I was certain that this software is the missing link in the market, and I am very excited to help businesses reach their goals with Relesys’ app solution at hand,” says Jonny.

In Relesys we are equally as excited to have Jonny merge his own experience from the retail industry with our software in order to provide customized solutions that fits the exact needs of our clients. His employee-oriented approach to business performance is perfectly in line with Relesys’ mindset and we are off to a great start in the Swedish market with excellent collaborations in the pipeline.

“The Scandinavian retail businesses are in a very competitive market with multiple challenges, including the emerging platforms for online shopping. Being a frontrunner is essential if you want to outperform your competition, and my experiences continuously point towards the employees being key for success. The market is definitely mature for an innovative solution on performance management and I am thrilled to be working with companies that dare to be the frontrunners of the industry with an app solution for their employees,” says Jonny.

Peak Performance is a great example of one our Swedish clients that have achieved strong results with the app solution. Get exclusive insights on their strategy with the app in our case story here. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are curious to know more about our Swedish collaborations and what our solution can do for you.