Is your company ready for performance management anno 2018?

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Businesses with highly engaged employees outperform their competition by 147% in earnings per share. This is found through a worldwide study by Gallup. Contrary to this, Gallup found that only 15% of employees are actually engaged at their workplace. That leaves a massive profit potential for companies that choose to invest strategically in their employees. But how do you truly engage employees? And how do you continuously manage the internal performance?

During the last decade we have seen a huge shift in the business landscape. Technological development and rapid digitalization are key drivers of change, no doubt about that. In fact, software for performance management and innovative employee training are predicted to be the leading tools of 2018 when it comes to internal business strategies.

Data-driven performance management

Only one in two employees clearly knows what is expected of them at work every day – that is half of the workforce. In Relesys we focus on employee-centred performance management with the key being direct reach to everyone in the organization. It might seem simple, but it is absolutely crucial that every employee is reached with information and understands their individual responsibilities. The next step of engagement is to communicate to everyone how & why their personal efforts are important for the total performance of the company.

Digital data has increasingly gained value in the business landscape and that is no exception in terms of managing internal operations. We want to help our clients make data-driven decisions for their performance management. Our app solution is not only designed to provide a smooth flow of communication it is also designed with the ability measure efficiency of the messages that are being send out. For instance by giving overview of whether the messages have been read followed by tools to review if the information is actually being obtained. Our goal in Relesys is to provide an app that helps our clients connect with their people and boost the engagement in their company.

Personal development through innovative employee training

In the study Gallup additionally found that only 39% of millennials consider to have learned something new at their workplace within the last 30 days. You might think ‘Why is that important?’. The short answer is that millennials will account for 50% of the workforce by 2020 and they are looking to work in companies that can help develop their individual skills. Personal development is essential for their engagement at a workplace.

The challenge is for you to provide fun and interactive training material that motivates them to continue growing within your company. If you are curious to see a solution on innovative employee training, go to our previous article Train Like a Pro. Here you can find details on our Training Pro Module for the app solution, which offers easy-to-use training material directly on your employees’ own personal device.

Relesys is on a mission to challenge the way we all do business by optimizing internal communication, employee training and performance management. Let us know, if you are ready to outperform your competition by 147%.

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