The importance of emotional connection during onboarding

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Are you one of the 88% of companies who let employees down after the onboarding process?
Attracting, hiring and keeping talented employees in the competitive market that characterizes today’s workforce, can be quite the challenge. It goes without saying, that all businesses want to hire rock star employees which means that they spend huge amounts of resources on attracting and onboarding new candidates. An employee can only perform 100% when they have been properly introduced to the companies work processes and fully know the company, their brands and products. Especially for retail companies, having part-time workers, summer replacements and so on this might be a challenge. Companies may benefit from one key element in the onboarding process; emotional connection.

Don’t disappoint your employees

When a new employee is hired, both the candidate and the recruiters feel a sense of excitement and relief. However, this same excitement can quickly turn into a sense of disappointment. A study by Gallup reveals that only 12% of employees think that their company does a good job of onboarding new employees. This means that there is a general feeling of disappointment among employees after the recruitment phase is over. One could say that onboarding is where company loyalty starts as employees continue to evaluate a company after they sign the contract. Employees share thoughts about their decision during their first couple of weeks, months and even years of employment. For this particular reason, companies should proactively provide onboarding experiences in line with the brand promises they made during the hiring process. This creates a best practice mindset and continuously boosting of excitement for their jobs.

That one important emotional connection

When trying to find and hire talented employees, recruiters typically try to attract new candidates by appealing to their rational side of decision making by selling the company from their best way and tempting candidates with practical benefits. However, employers may be overlooking one crucial part in the onboarding process which is appealing to emotions to attract potential new rock star employees. Although rationality can play a role in the decision-making process, experiences and emotional connections to the company is key to millennials who are currently dominating the workforce. Make employees feel connected to the company on a higher level, because today’s employees demand more; They want something that might be difficult to convey in a job posting and during technical onboarding. Which means that employers need to establish an emotional connection during onboarding experiences, not just practical benefits, that align with and support the brand promises. They need to find a way to make their new hires feel connected to the company and that their contribution is important to the company. Providing a strong relationship with your new employee is based on feelings, not only practical tangible assets. So, how can we add that in an onboarding phase?

Get the best of your employees’ emotions

In order to do so, the key to successfully onboard and keeping talented employees connected to the company, is to create a sense of purpose and emotional sense of belonging to the company during onboarding. Which is why we provide three essential questions companies should consider:

  • Are you aware of a new candidate’s personal, unique and emotional needs?

  • Is your company giving new employees a proper idea of how working for you can help the new candidate excel and shine by achieving both personal and professional goals?

  • Is your organization doing what it takes to make sure that new employees experience your business’ purpose, mission, vision and values during onboarding?

If your company is able to make a personal and emotional connection between new candidates and the company during onboarding, their emotions will get the best of them. When employees are emotionally invested in the company, they become company ambassadors and they are more likely to remain loyal to the company throughout their employment. Relesys, working with different clients, get insight in management’s passion and vision for their companies and their employees. This passion should be communicated out to all rock stars, working every day to make a difference at their jobs. Relesys’ Communication & Performance App helps with communicating these thoughts and we always preach the importance of sharing the good story.