The wave of employee experience is rising


“Customers will never love the company until the employees love it first.” 

The workforce of today is yearning to be connected with the company they work for. They want to work with something they believe in and, even more importantly, to experience that their efforts have an actual impact.  

Engagement has been the key word for companies to improve their performance, but the business world is shifting towards a more holistic approach called “employee experience”. In short, that entails the total sum of experiences an employee has had throughout their time at a company – from the very first handshake to the last minute of their employment.

Customer experience vs. employee experience

Companies are usually competing in terms of customer experience being well aware that their employees are key to win the game. World renowned business author Simon Sinek puts it this way:  

“Customers will never love the company until the employees love it first.” But how do you ensure a business culture that makes your employees love being part of the team? The answer to that is not at one-way street. Just like you need to understand your customers in order to create a product they want, you have to understand your employees in order to provide a work culture they resonate with. The first step is to see the organization through the eyes of your employees, connect with them and understand their needs. 

The what’s & the why’s

Every employee, regardless of what company they work for will ask themselves the questions: 

  • What is in this job for me?  

  • What purpose is the company fulfilling?  

  • Why is that purpose important to me?  

  • Why should I engage in the matter?  

The best employee experiences comes from companies that are able to answer these questions clearly for every employee and one of our main focus areas in Relesys is to help our clients do exactly that through the app.