Building an army of employee-ambassadors

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Who made this? What does the company stand for? Is it a well-known and acknowledged brand?

Brands are highly influential for consumers’ purchase decisions. In fact, it is statistically proven that people are willing to pay more for products with by a well known brand, than for generic ones. That makes a strong brand identity incredibly valuable for companies in any industry. So how can a company build a brand that attracts the end user?

The people who are selling your products are strong ambassadors for your brand. In fact, Relesys believes that the employees are the most significant part of a brand, as they are the direct link between a product and the service experience customers have.

Even if you haven’t organized an internal marketing strategy you are constantly sending messages to all your employees. Messages through products, service tasks, strategic priorities and identity creation etc. Every employee form their own opinion about the company they work in and they all represent the brand as first line ambassadors to the rest of the world based on these opinions. Luckily, there are many ways you can influence the way your employees perceive the company and represent your brand.

The power of purpose

Relesys believes it is equally as important to communicate the purpose of your company to your employees as it is to communicate it externally to your end user. Not only will this help you empower your brand, it will accentuate the way each employee understands the role they play for the overall goals. When employees realize that their individual work tasks are an important part of a bigger purpose it raises the engagement to a whole other level. In other words, sharing the vision and goals internally will help your company showcase its purpose to the rest of the world.

The core is connection

Everyone is motivated by different things, also when it comes to engagement at work. But in order for the brand to be successful externally there needs to be a common ground that connects all employees: a common vision and a common goal. The key is to create a corporate community that supports the qualities of each individual and connects this with the overall brand strategy.

Think of it as building an army of ambassadors that proudly represent your brand. Every time a customer walks through the door they will be met with skilled and motivated ambassadors. Together, your employees form a strong and united army that will empower your brand.

Our clients have all invested in their app, to increase awareness and create transparency for all employees. Building your brand should start from the inside and we at Relesys are ready to help you every step of the way!

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