Kvik testimonials: internal Christmas strategy

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The Christmas season is officially here and it is being celebrated with different traditions all over the world. As a multinational business it is essential to embrace the diversity of Christmas celebrations within the organization. Our client Kvik has raised the bar on how to do this with their Christmas calendar in the Kvik app.

The Christmas calendar is a customized module for the app consisting of 24 doors that reveals a new content post every day. We talked to Kim Berg Jacobsen, Head Coach in Kvik, to get an exclusive insight of the strategy and vision for Kvik’s Christmas calendar.

Kim said that: “Christmas is a time for families to come together and we want to share the celebration with every employee in our Kvik family. Our app is live in 8 countries that all have different Christmas traditions. The calendar is a great way for us to connect and we use it to encourage everyone to share their own Christmas traditions in the app.”

Creating a family bond for all employees

Kvik is built on the franchise model and has become an international success with more than 140 stores across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Holland, France and Spain. One of the cornerstones of the success is the step-by-step model that Kvik uses to educate employees and build close relationships with every franchise partner. Kim explained to us, that the sense of being a family in Kvik is vital for the success of the business. This is clearly reflected in the way Kvik uses the Christmas calendar in the app.

“The app allows us all to connect every employee across national borders for the Christmas celebration. The vision for the calendar is to nurture valuable relationships and for us to create a great learning environment,” Kim Berg Jacobsen.

The content in the calendar is a combination of training elements and family oriented posts. A good example is the fourth door in the calendar that was used to focus on Kvik’s Black Friday campaign. The post encouraged everyone to share their favourite way of following up on the Black Friday event.

Kim further explained that: “It is very important for us to feed authentic content in the app and our Christmas calendar is no exception. We have a very skilled marketing team that can produce great content, but we want every employee to feel that they can participate and share their own posts as well.”

The social wall is currently booming in Kvik’s app with posts from employees all over the world, who share their own personal holiday traditions and share pictures from the Christmas parties in their own department. It showcases great transparency within Kvik and we in Relesys believe that sharing experiences with each other is the best way to learn and grow as a unified business.

Shaping the future of Kvik’s app

The Kvik app has been live for a month now and that gives the Christmas calendar an important role as it is being used to present the value of the app for every employee. Kim and his team is very focused on how they can learn from the process and use the engagement data for future strategies.

“We are very focused on the long-term use of our app and are definitely learning along the way. We take it very seriously when we create content and training material for our employees as we don’t want to waste their time. We want the app to be an asset for our employees; a tool they want to use and see the value in using.”

In Relesys we are very impressed with the content strategy Kvik has created for their Christmas calendar. It is not only a strong example on how to engage employees during the Christmas season it is an impressive case of best practice on how to manage the app.

Employees is the centre of what we do here in Relesys. So, stay tuned as we will publish a follow-up Christmas article featuring interviews with the employees in Kvik later on.

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