Why prioritize client driven development?

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Software is not just technology, it is always developed for something with a purpose and a goal. From the very beginning of Relesys we have had a clear purpose and goal for our app software. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between HQ and all members of staff by offering a direct and unified mobile platform. Our goal is to provide an app solution that increases the performance level in the businesses we work with.

Relesys keeps focusing on improvements and further development of our software to make sure the apps are able to meet both the current and the future needs our clients have. We want to give you a front seat ride to our development roadmap with Martin Sørensen, CTO & Partner of Relesys, behind the wheel.

“Our clients are continuously facing new challenges from their industry, which generates new internal needs for their business. It is essential for us to have a close cooperation with our clients in order to determine the focus points for maintenance and future development,” Martin Sørensen.

How do we structure our roadmap?

Relesys’ development roadmap is quite high-level in the sense that it is typically showcasing larger projects that take several months to construct. That makes the roadmap a great way to illustrate the direction we are moving in.

“Our development process is divided into three different areas. The first area focuses on maintenance and optimization of our existing features, since it is key for us to keep the platform strong. The second area is our strategic focus, which is about developing the features we know will make a difference for our clients. The third focus area is essential to the way we prioritize our development roadmap. This is driven by direct requests and needs from our clients. We seek their opinion and experience in order to better understand what direction we should go in,” Martin Sørensen.

In Relesys we actively engage our clients in the development and have recently taken a new approach on how to do this by facilitating workshops. This is an excellent way for us to learn more about our clients’ perspective and a great way for our clients to influence our development priorities.

“With the workshops we are able to get a nuanced knowledge of our clients needs for new features or updates for existing features. It gives us the chance to understand exactly what functionalities our clients need in the app, which is alfa omega for the way we structure the architecture in our software,” Martin Sørensen.

Even though we have a relatively small development department we dedicate a lot of time and resources to proactively obtain feedback from our clients. We will definitely facilitate even more workshops in the future and will encourage all our clients to take part. Our client driven development is ultimately the way we secures that Relesys’ software fulfills both the purpose and goal we set out for it.