A customized solution


On basis of certain personality characteristics, researchers from Deloitte  (in study of 19,000 workers) have identified 4 types of modern workers. Some are more effective collaborating with a team, others are better working solo and some enjoy doing a little bit of all. All employees have their own strengths and weaknesses and they tackle tasks differently. Different situations create different reactions for different employees. On that note it need to be said, that a good boss or manager should always treat every employee as what he/she is: an individual.

As every employee is different, every entrepreneur, manager or business owner has their own leadership strategy as well. But, to extract the best possible performance from each individual the different character traits have to be recognized. The same mindset applies to our working process in Relesys.

We take great pride in customizing, sculpturing and understanding each brand we get in contact with. We understand that not one company is like another.

Every client has different needs when it comes to management, communication, employee engagement, motivation and their performance level at work. Therefor we never provide an App which is exactly the same. Ace & Tate  for instants selected The Relesys App because it was an answer to having a constant flow of communication between HQ and their stores, in a fun and innovative way. Instead of just being a smart (boring) techy solution, it is an App that fits their brands identity which is all about being witty, fun and individual in everything they do. SPORTMASTER on the other hand not only wanted to improve the speed and range of their communication, but also sought to lift their employees’ competences by introducing training features and giving them insight into their own personal performance.

“Our needs and ideas were transferred into features made specifically for our app, resulting in a custom-made, product-training tool…”  – Says Malene Huusom, HR Partner SPORTMASTER.

The Relesys App is truly an organic and customized solution. Go to The App to see some of the different features of the Relesys App.