An app as a digital communication channel


Why should an app become a new internal communication channel? Well… A business greatest aspect, is it’s people. Therefore, we think businesses should start making better people decisions.

Times are changing  when it comes to communication and interaction within the workplace and the advancements of technology have made apps available as a new channel for internal communication. For most office workers now, life on the job means life online and compared to more traditional communication paths, an app as a digital communication channel has many advantages. Digital communication allows interaction, such as leaving comments, evaluations, or, in the simplest case, an analysis of which content is most read by certain employees. All of this not only establishes a dialogue between HQ, the management and the operational level, but also helps communication managers to recognize important topics and content. An app can automatically compile content for the reader. In this way, employees only receive the information that is of interest to the company, their location, area or just their own store or department.

An era of constant information

The new generation of employees are getting used to mobile technology and our brains are slowly shifting in the way we respond to data. The employee experience is more than ever becoming the future of work. A more up-to-date way of communicating is therefore an important component when it comes to attracting and keeping engaged and innovative people on board.

In this era that is dominated by constant information, wouldn’t it naturally make sense that we would change the way we interact and communicate at work? Wouldn’t it make sense to start putting employees first and see them as a business greatest aspect?

We use technology to inform, educate and create an enjoyable place to work. So let’s take innovation to new heights by implementing a more up-to-date communication platform.

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