Combating invisibility with individualism


Think about the fact that there are over 7 billion people living on the earth at this very moment. In such a vast and ever expanding world some people can start to feel small or powerless. But the reality is, being 1 of 7 billion people is a really powerful thing.

However, many people believe that being 1 of 7 billion makes them invisible. This feeling of invisibility hinders their ability to reach out for help or even create new ideas on their own.

In some cases individuals find it hard to communicate because of the feeling of being invisible.

A similar effect can unfortunately happen to employees. A lot of workers feel small or that they lose their identity when they come to work. These thoughts and feelings can sometimes impact the quality of work. This is because the feeling of invisibility makes a person assume that their coworkers don’t like them. Humans are social creatures and it is important to feel like a valuable part of the group. So how can we stop thinking that being 1 of 7 billion is bad?

Well, the team at Relesys has researched what humanistic practices help a person feel like they belong. Businesses have worked together with Relesys to inspire the individuality of an employee so they never feel left out or invisible.

Combating invisibility with individuality

At Relesys we set out to design a platform where every employee will have an identity. We did this by creating a profile for each employee where they can share information about themselves as well as pictures. Different clients have expressed that this has given them more confidence and made them feel closer to the team.

With other custom features hand-picked by clients, individuality has shined through. But having an individualist mindset does not mean you are not a team player. In fact you are able to rely on your colleagues for advice and help but you can stand on your feet if necessary.