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“Technology is just a tool,” said Steve Jobs, and we agree. It is the people behind the screens that make it come to life.

Relesys now has more than 50.000 users in the system, and they check their apps at an average of 7,2 times a day. That is actually pretty good compared to Instagram, which is averagely being checked 9.8 times a day pr. user. We want to send a praise to our clients for these amazing usage statistics, because it is solely an outcome of the effort they put into the apps every day. We have gathered some tips for communication and content in the apps in order to support the great work.

First comes structure, then comes play

Structure is key for a good content flow. Try to post daily, or at least make sure the app is updated with new information. Your employees will check the app, if they know they might miss important info, by not checking the app. A lot of our clients have great experience with planning content ahead. Making a content plan for one or two weeks is a great way to secure a high level of activity and engagement. Scout through the company calendar for events you can share in the app or for work themes or a product focus in the period. It’s no secret that we all carry our phones with us everywhere we go, so reach for it in your pocket and share the moment with your colleagues as it is happening. Posting the news stories when they are current creates a great sense of connection for the users of the app.

It is difficult to completely eliminate text based messages from the app, so remember to keep them short and interesting. In order to understand what the users need and want in terms of content you have to observe the interactions in the app – what kind of content receives the most likes and comments? You could even do a survey in the app, to ask your colleagues what content they especially like and if there is something they would love to see more of. Everyone likes to be heard and included.

Vision outplays all other senses

Statistically speaking, 65% of your employees are visual learners, which means they will understand information and messages better when its visualized with pictures or video content. Visual content is taking over the media landscape because it is an efficient and entertaining way of communicating messages.

If you need to post written information, such as a new routine or a new regulation for e.g. production, recap the most important information and make that a post, or even better, combine it with a visual element that supports the message. Posting big documents with a lot of information reduces the chances that the users are able to decode and remember all of it.

Be present and personal.

Your app is a customized solution that is designed to communicate the visual identity, vision and values to everyone in the company. Be authentic and give the employees an even closer connection to the company by showing personality and presence through the content you post. Last but not least, it’s important to have fun, especially when creating content – happiness is also contagious through content.

In Relesys we measure usage as one of the key indicators for success with the app. We believe that your company will grow, when you are able to reach, inform and engage your employees. Our technology sets the framework for success, but the content that is uploaded in the apps is what makes the success a reality. Please let us know if you would like more tips and blog posts like this.

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