Introducing Amazing Jewelry

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Today is quite amazing, because we get to announce our new collaboration with Amazing Jewelry. Amazing Jewelry opened their first store in 2016 and have ever since been growing at a rapid speed, with stores opening all over the world. The company doesn’t only bring a new design into the market, they present an entirely new concept for consumers – quality jewelry at affordable prices.

Amazing Jewelry is determined to challenge the price range that has been ruling the market for decades. Pushing the boundaries of an industry is totally aligned with the mindset of Relesys and we are more than excited to take part in this project.

An amazing app collaboration

Søren Colding, Retail Director of Amazing Jewelry, is one of the main characters behind the brand. We met up with him to get a closer look at the vision of their brand and the main focus points for the Amazing Jewelry App.

Amazing Jewelry currently has around 30 stores and the franchise license is sold in 43 countries. They expect to have more than 100 stores open within the next year – yes, it is not a typo, it is actually 100 stores! Relesys is in complete awe of being a part of this ambitious business plan.

“We see the collaboration with Relesys as very important for our company. When you are growing as fast as we are, in as many countries as we do, it is a major challenge to communicate with all the franchise partners, shop owners and employees. We believe Relesys is providing a unique possibility to reach people in our company at all levels. Our expectations for the app are sky high, and we can’t wait to get started.”

Relesys and Amazing Jewelry are in the very first state of the collaboration. We have just held the initial workshop to understand what needs and focus areas the Amazing Jewelry App should cater to.

Being a big company, it is key to have an efficient flow of communication. “for us, it’s first of all about communicating with all of our employees. We are a bit untraditional in our industry in the sense that we have new collections coming out every third and fourth week. How do we communicate the news to everyone from Saudi Arabia, Beijing and Helsingør at the same time and in the same way? We think that Relesys is giving us the tool to solve that task in the best way possible.”

A customized solution

Relesys’ design team and developers are currently working to construct an app that reflects the values and vision of Amazing Jewelry and with features that enable the company to achieve their goals.

“We hope the app will make all of our employees and partners feel that they are part of a big movement that continues to grow everyday with constant openings of new stores around the world. We want to make sure that every employee knows that the daily efforts they put into the stores are essential contributions for the company.”

The app is set to be launched on the 19th of November in Munich along with a special event for the employees. Being a part of this ambitious plan will show the apps potential in a new and exciting way. Relesys believes that investing in the employees will make the business grow, and having Amazing Jewelry go all in on that vision is really encouraging for us as a company. We are looking forward to start the journey and to see the results of the project.

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