Introducing Rezet sneaker store


For sneaker enthusiasts, Denmark has become the right place to scout the streets for the newest trends and hidden gems. The sneaker store Rezet has conquered the marked and the name is now associated with sneakers and the street lifestyle. Rezet was established in the Danish sneaker community in 2011 and have since proved themselves as a leading supplier of sneaks. Not only are they extremely dedicated to the shoes and what they buy in, they also have a passionate staff with in depth knowledge of their products.

2The store was built on a solid foundation of love for the old running silhouettes. As they mention themselves, everyone on the team has a special affiliation with sneakers. They share a common passion that unites them as a team and strengthens their ability to stay relevant and on top of their game.

Compared to some of the huge international sneaker suppliers Rezet is still relatively small, but they have always dared to dream big. We admire the passion and ambition they bring to the industry and we are stoked to now be part of the journey. It is always motivating for Relesys to work alongside growing businesses and getting inspired by their way of navigating in their market.

Rezet x Relesys

We met with Philip Wettergren, HR and content creator in Rezet, to dive deeper into the vision of the brand and how they see Relesys as part of the process.

“We are growing at the moment, and for us one of the most important things with the app is to use it to support the cohesiveness of our brand. We currently have a store manager who is driving around to integrate the same routines and approaches in all of our stores. We want to use the app as a tool to help this process, so we can communicate internally, what we communicate externally. We want to make sure that people perceive our brand in the same way no matter which one of our stores they have visited.”

Rezet has recently opened a store in Odense and that makes a total of four stores for the brand. A natural part of their growth has involved expanding the Rezet team and rethinking some of the internal structures. For instance, they have had to consider how to reach their 60 employees with information and important messages, as the number of employees will increase as they grow and expand.

“I almost don’t want to show you how many Facebook groups we have, it’s that many. We keep overlapping each other in the groups and that is generating a lot of confusion in terms of where to find information. We want to eliminate the complexity, and the app can help us do that.”

The design team in Relesys is currently laying the final touches on the Rezet App, making sure it is just as sharp looking as the sneak collection in the Rezet stores. Making the app is all about collaboration and understanding exactly what needs and requirements the different features should cater.

Philip also explains that the ongoing development is easily driven through the app. “I think it’s a pretty unique collaboration, because we don’t just get an app, we get an app that is active in its very own way, because we can continue to update it and make sure everything is current. At the moment we are especially focused on how we could use the app as a tool for reflection and feedback. For example to reflect on the setup in our stores and the things we do all the way around, so it is not just four people who makes the decisions. ”

Sharing ideas and information across geografical locations, departments or employee levels is one of the founding concepts the Relesys Performance App provides. It is such a thrill for us to collaborate with companies that share our mindset and we can’t wait for this project to take off!

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