Making friends at work

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“Happiness is not a nice-to-have but a necessity for a productive and successful business”

No more than 50 years ago a study found that the feelings and attitudes of employees had a tremendous effect on the performance level in organisations. This led to a serie of studies that focused on the factors that influence the happiness of employees. Several of these studies found that work friendships are an important element in this equation. But that’s not all, they also found that friendship at work:

  •  increases institutional participation

  •  motivates employees to better serve the organization’s purpose

  •  establishes supportive and innovative climates

  •  increases organizational productivity

Whether people is making friends at work or not is highly influenced by the culture of the organisation. So let’s all make it a goal to create an office culture that fosters friendships, because it’s one of the ‘need-to-haves’ that is super nice to have!

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