Mobile learning: the Swiss army knife of functionality


Here’s a great quote for you. According to technologist Robert Gadd, mobile learning “is a Swiss army knife of functionality in a device that fits in every pocket or purse.”

Here at Relesys, we can only agree, as our aim is to unify organisational information and communication, so that everything you need to know about your workplace is readily available.

How does learning by mobile phone impact users, you might ask?

John Traxler, Professor of Mobile Learning at the University of Wolverhampton, reminds us that “…the affordances of mobile technologies change our epistemology… what we know, how we know it, how we come to know, what we help others know, how we assess the worth and credibility of the known, what it is valuable to know for aesthetic, economic, cultural and any other reasons and who decides the worth of knowing…”

Now that’s food for thought! Happy Friday from Relesys!