People over profit

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It’s not about the profits it’s about the people.

Many companies are still living in the past. Forgetting their employees, not creating incentive programs, and choosing profit over people. Too often companies begin to overlook their employees. They often find it hard to pay attention to the individual needs. As a result many companies see their retention rate drop drastically. They also see employees losing motivation for work. Even though these issues are apparent  it seems that companies still choose to focus on quick ways to boost revenue instead of solving the problems in front of them. Research shows that without engaged and attentive employees a company will slowly break down. It’s important to prepare for the future, and the future rests in people.

Happy employees are willing to go the extra mile

The retail industry is no stranger to these effects. Lots of employees feel demotivated and uninvolved due to their industries push for profits. As the retail industry begins to grow and grow it is important to keep retention so that policies and training is a breeze. Happy employees are actually better for the company and in fact if they receive attention and gratitude they tend to raise profits for the company. Forbes magazine states that people actually create the most value of a company because they are willing to go the extra mile when they are happy.

Reading all the articles on why people over profits work could turn you blue, so take a breath let us tell you how to maximize your employee satisfaction:

  1. Create an organizational setting. This isn’t referring to how tidy the store is, this actually refers to how employees understand their tasks and how they are communicated clearly. Basically how they feel they fit, or are organized, in a work environment.

  2. Pay attention to your employees’ requirements and benefits of working. This one is easy, start by assigning the right tasks to the right employees and making sure that employees receive benefits and positive feedback when necessary.

  3. Allow employees to build relationships within your company. This seems self explanatory but it can also be beneficial to give your employees a space to interact outside of work.

If Haydukova’s three dimensions of work satisfaction seem a bit too complicated. We at Relesys have implemented similar factors of that research in the foundation of our software. By using profiles and task lists we give employees an organizational setting. We provide the ability to compliment employees directly on their work as well as giving your employees the right to give feedback on which skills they fit best. Lastly, our app involves social features that strengthen the bonds of employees.

Relesys’ App solution is about the people and creating a tool that will help the rest of the business world understand that the only way to grow your business is to grow your people.