September recap: customizing solutions for every collaboration

september recap.jpg

Being a company in the first years of our lifetime, we celebrate every success for Relesys. 2017 has been a good year so far and during the last month we have been busy in the best way possible. We have signed off a wide range of new collaborations with clients from very different industries, catering to very different needs. We have also had the pleasure of launching new or modified apps for some of the existing clients in order to expand the solution to more departments or accommodate new internal needs. From now on you will be invited to follow the steps of our monthly journeys, because we want to share the thrill of the ride. We believe this creates transparency and can give you a feeling of the different focus points that Relesys is working with.


A new and exciting collaboration with TOP TOY has taken us back to the playground, and we love it. One of the main focus points is to rise the service level amongst all employees including product knowledge and sales technique. Relesys has helped with implementing a training app that has just been launched, and we can’t wait to follow the process.


We have been working closely with Telia since the beginning of 2017 to create an app that streamlines the big network of people in the company, both external partners and in-house employees. Telia relaunched their app in September with a focus on the teams who are working out in the shops. Within the first month of the test 87% of the users expressed high satisfaction for the app and 88% felt better informed from the HQ. The Telia app is being opened more than 6 times a day per person, which we consider to be a great roll-out success.


The Danish design company, Kvik, has launched an app for all of their members of staff, across departments and national borders. They are determined to create a strong internal platform for knowledge sharing and training. Kvik has 1.140 employees and the main focus with the app is to create a performance tool that strengthens the information flow and reaches all employees. The app has just been launched and the employees already show great motivation. They even have the highest usage outside of work hours – now, that is what we call dedication.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance has been a Relesys Client for some years now, and in September, we got to launch an additional franchise app for the company. This gives all the Peak Performance stores the opportunity to take part in the brand strategy – both in their own stores and in partner stores. It is a voluntary choice for the franchise departments whether they want to use the app as their source for information, but within the first 3 weeks, more than 60% of the employees had downloaded it. Peak Performance structures the reach for all the information they send out, making it possible to support the partner stores with the most relevant information. Peak Performance is aiming to have 85% of the employees using the app by the end of November.


We have been fuelled with energy from our grand collaboration with Coop. The business is currently working on the biggest and most ambitious energy saving project they have ever had. The goal is to save 20% of their total energy consumption by 2020 and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of the project. Coop is using the app as one of the key tools of the project, allowing them to track each store’s usage, share energy-saving-tips, create motivation across departments and stay in line with how much energy they save. The test period is about to be finished and the engagement looks really good. We cannot wait to see the results of the project.

The core of our app solution is to provide a technological architecture that can adapt to different needs and grow with all our clients.

It is so encouraging for us to witness that the technology is doing exactly that and that it keeps pushing the limits to go even further. Having clients with high expectations and ambition is really valuable to us and the app has developed solely on the needs of each client.

This post is only showcasing a handful of the launches we have had during the last month and many more projects is on its way. Let us know if you want to hear more about our clients and projects. We are happy to share experiences!