Telia: don’t limit yourself


Life is not about finding our limitations. It is about discovering, that we might not have any. Because we live in a time, where we have the freedom to choose our own path. Where we can redefine, what is possible and what is impossible. As long as we believe more in yes than no.

Telia is the brainpower behind this message, but they are not only sending it out to their external platforms, they are aligned with these values as a company as well.

We started our collaboration with Telia in March 2017 and initially launched an app for their telemarketing department. The goal was always to extend the app to more departments and this month we finally set the sails for an app solution, specially designed for the 300 employees who are working in the Telia shops.

“Before the app our employees probably had to handle about 5-7 systems, to get all the relevant information during a work day in the shops. Our focus with the app is to provide a source of information that makes the daily work tasks easier and more efficient for our employees,” Gustav Björkman Bentzen, Process & Project Manager in Telia.

Another important focus point for the app is to unite all the communication channels into one platform. “We are living in a mobile world, and are always on the go. We wanted to bring all our communication into one single platform. The whole thing about being stationed with a computer is getting old school, everything is about handheld devices,” Gustav Björkman Bentzen, Process & Project Manager in Telia.

Through the eyes of the employees

The app is more than anything about people and how to bridge the gap from HQ to all members of staff. We talked to Sanne and Dannie from the Telia shops in Vejle Bryggen and Bornholm, to get a better feel of how the employees in the shops are experiencing the app.

“It is much easier for our employees to meet up and be prepared for work. We have a lot of campaigns, and some of them change from day to day. Before the app we got the news through a computer, and they weren’t always available or easy to keep track of. Now people are coming to work, feeling up to date with our campaigns and confident in what they know,” Dannie Hansen, Telia Shop Vejle Bryggen.

Telia is operating in a highly competitive industry, which requires the company to have a superior performance level. The app is designed to support and motivate all employees to stay on top of their game.

“The high-score system is a big motivation for my employees. In this business, we are all more or less competitive people and high score has made it fun for us to keep checking the app for news and information,” Sanne Harslev, Telia Shop Bornholm.

The app is not only focused on news, campaigns and product knowledge it is also focused on connecting people to empower the unity in teams and the connection across departments.

“Now that everything has been gathered in one place, we have a great overview of news and information, both for our new employees and our experienced people. It definitely feels like we are more cohesive and connected as a company now than we were before,” Sanne Harslev, Telia Shop Bornholm.

The path of possibilities

The solution for the Telia shops has been off to a fantastic start, with high engagement from all the employees who are interacting with the content. Here in Relesys we are inspired by the ambition and drive Telia is bringing to our partnership.

“We do not let ourselves be limited by what the communication tools are able to do today. We are going into this collaboration thinking, ‘what can we make of this and how can we push it further?’. We want to use the app to go even higher on our path of possibilities,” Gustav Björkman Bentzen, Process & Project Manager in Telia.

Relesys is completely on the same page. We always seek to push the boundaries of what our app can do and it’s an absolute pleasure to develop our solutions with ambitious clients like Telia. Our finest task is to make sure that the app caters to the exact needs in our partners’ companies. We have no doubt that Telia will thrive through all the ambition and effort they put into the app and we are so excited to be part of the ride.

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