Train like a pro

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Constant development and change are the nourishments every industry is growing from. This makes it vital for your company to stay up to date in order to be on top of the game.

Staying focused involves both the top management and the employees on the floor. Knowledge is the key to strengthen the focus, therefore training is important. Time is a precious commodity, and training tends to take up a lot of time and resources. This might be the barrier for you to stay aligned and ahead of your competitors.

Why is training important?

Studies show that people develop stronger commitment and loyalty to an organisation when they are introduced to effective training and development programs. When an organisation encourages learning it makes the individuals feel important and empowered. Additionally, studies show that when employees experience professional growth it influence their job performance, which can lead to organisational profits. This underlines the value of training, but how do we modify training in a way where it caters the busy schedule and continuous need for new knowledge?

Train like a pro

Relesys has developed a new training module for the app – Training Pro. Training Pro enables companies to accede the complex requirements that are created by our surroundings. Employees can access training directly on their own device, which provides the benefit of flexibility.

With Training Pro you can organize the training material into different courses. Each course consists of multiple modules allowing you to split the material into specific smaller subjects. This makes it easy for the users to overview the content and their personal progress in the course.

The users will experience relevant and easy-to-use training material in the app. When engaging with the training, the users can receive instant feedback based on their answers. The module is designed with the ‘winner effect’ in mind – when achieving good results, and improving relevant skills the user will be rewarded with experience points and batches to show positive progress. In line with this we have created an additional point system, that encourages the user to complete the lessons and enable the management to follow the employees training progress.

Easy to set up

As a manager, you can easily set up the training for your employees. The module is designed to make it just as easy-to-use for the people who are organising the training as for the users who are engaging with the material. Which overall makes it possible for your organisation to reduce the costs associated with delivering training to employees.

We believe that the Training Pro module will help you create a learning environment that makes your employees feel important and improves the performance of your organization. Visit The App to learn more about the new module and let us know what you think!

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