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Illum testimonials; unifying 1300 employees to one team

Relevant news combined with the right aesthetics and a competitive element have made the Illum App very popular among employees at Illum.

“What connects people here is the competition. We are very excited about the competition in here, and if you enter the app every day you get a point, and if you’re in the top 10 you can gain something - a gift. Actually we’re talking a lot about that!” says Susan, Manager at the Customer Lounge.

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Magasin du Nord; growth journey

“It wouldn’t be possible in the content that we’re working now to work without an app, because it’s how we communicate it’s how we share information, it’s the way we’re working…” says Thor Palmhøj, HR Director of Magasin du Nord.

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A New Year’s cheers with HAY & Relesys

In order to make our vision a reality we joined forces with Lobo Lab and HAY. Finding the right partners is always essential for Relesys, but this particular collaboration was an instant match that we continue to be grateful for. The outcome of our partnership, Relesys LAB, is everything we could have hoped for, a space with a highly social atmosphere that encourages dynamic teamwork and innovative ideas.

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Letz celebrate LETZ SUSHI

Last Friday we celebrated the inauguration of LETZ SUSHI’s new flagship restaurant, a state of the art space, beautifully integrated in Nordhavn. Friends and family of LETZ SUSHI gathered on Bourdeauxgade 2, to touch glasses for the milestone and for a treat of sheer sushi delight.

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