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Project Coordinator


Coordinators are the right hand of every successful manager. They make sure that tasks are finished on time, projects are successfully delivered and clients are as happy as a dog with two tails 🐶

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What my friends think I do


What our clients think I do

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What I think I do


What we actually do… 😅

It's neither boring coffee making nor advising the king but continuous effort to keep our clients satisfied that you will deal with on a daily basis. Brace yourself! You will enter a dynamic work environment with many challenges:



You’ll get your hands dirty planning all sorts of projects, events, meetings, presentations and workshops. You will be expected to work both alone and in teams.


You will have the opportunity to visit our clients directly in their headquarters all around Scandinavia. 


You will assist our project managers with on-boarding new clients and making sure that we always fulfil their needs.


…from our visionary designers, to nerdy developers and everyone in between, you will be the one keeping the team spirit high! 


It is not just emails and phone calls but a great opportunity to improve client satisfaction by providing an unforgettable service.


You will have a chance to bring new ideas to the table and take ownership of your own projects.


Are we a match?

Finding a real match can sometimes seem like a mission impossible but we believe that YOU are the talent we were looking for. You will be a perfect candidate if you can say yes to the following:

✅ I have solid communication skills and enjoy having contact with clients.

✅ I’m currently studying a degree within coordination, management, communication or something relevant.

✅ I’m patient, cool under pressure and even though I’m not always bulletproof, I’ll fake it till I make it.

✅ I have an independent and confident approach, which will make me a great Relesys ambassador.

✅ Jeg snakker og skriver flydende dansk og engelsk.

✅ I love taking on difficult tasks and finding creative solutions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll dig until I find it.

✅ I pay attention to details and ALWAYS keep my promises and deadlines.


We can do it!

We hope that we caught your interest and are looking forward to hearing from you. We value creativity and thinking outside of the box. Send us your CV and/or cover letter and demonstrate your virtues in the best possible way!

Whatcha waiting for? Don’t hesitate and press the apply button!