Growing People / Growing Business

Customized to fit your brand

In Relesys we take the time to get to know you and your business.
We customize the app to match your needs, the existing flow of information and the visual identity of your brand. By using features based on intelligent software and elements of gamification, the app motivates all employees towards better performance and a proactive mindset.




- Custom API's

- Custom Files (Like their excel icon)


- AskNcely

- LessorWorkForce

- ManusPlus (Cloud and Local)

- Mobaro


- PlanDay

- Podio

- SameSystem

- SevenGeese

- Sympa

- Tamigo

- TimePlan

- WorkForcePro (edited)

With just one Performance app you can:

  • Reach everyone

  • Share news directly

  • Onboard, train and inspire

  • Engage employees

  • Educate and support

  • Optimise your workflow